there are no more four seasons

Dagens Nyheter:
"The most important elements of the original are still there. Like the roller coaster-like ride of the circulating chord progressions, in the accelerations and the sudden stops—that hit the listener like a train running off the rails. Along with the seductively mocking and carnival feel of the sonic glitter. But it’s done with new sounds, harder beats, and a wholly new feeling of risk. And it is superb listening. " (Martin Nyström)

Sound of Music:
"Without a doubt my album of the year… I don’t have the words to capture Petersson’s sound treatment—it is so rich in innovation, so free within the technological breaks where so many other laptop artists get stuck halfway… And then George Kentros’ sensitive, expressive violin playing that is drawn in, tumbled around, flies out in echoing, vibrating space to form icy, rockishly riven soundscapes.
There Are No More Four Seasons is a huge CD. Vivaldi would put in his earplugs and give it a fat thumbs up.” (Sven Rånlund,